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Thread: Pavitra Rishta 1st January 2013 Written Update

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    Default Pavitra Rishta 1st January 2013 Written Update

    Pavitra Rishta 1st January 2013 Written Update by Tanyaz

    Pavitra Rishta 1st January 2013 Written Episode

    Purvi admits to taking things from Ovi’s suitcase .Ovi says that she always knew that Purvi was jealous of her and that is why she keeps taking her things .Everyone is feeling shocked .Manav tells Ovi to be quiet now .Suddenly Teju comes in the room, she has a big framed picture of Ovi and Arjun .She was the one who took the album from Ovi’s suitcase to get this photo frame ready .
    Archana questions Purvi as to why she is taking blames for things she did not do .Purvi is still lying and taking the blame but Archana tells Purvi to stop lying .An embarassed Ovi apologises to Archana and says that she over reacted when she did not find the album in her suitcase .She requests everyone to sit down for pooja again . Everyone is looking angry but they settle down to do the pooja .

    Manav is about to go to work , before leaving he tells Archana that he has arranged a get together to celebrate the home coming of both his daughters .

    Sunny and Teju are in a coffee shop. Teju wants to know wh ySunny did not tll her that he met Savita .Sunny says that Teju is not like Savita at all because Savita directly asked him about his relationship with Teju but Teju so far has never directly told him what he means to her ..
    Teju is feeling a bit shy on his question .She tells him that Manav wants to meet him and if that is going to make him nervous .Sunny is looking super confident that he will impress manav just like he managed to impress Savita .Teju is worried about Savita finding out about Sunny’s family .Sunny too is nervous about his side of the family .
    Teju says that maybe they will have to elope ..
    Sunny says that eloping is the easy way out and he likes challenges and so they will have to convince their families .He says that without their ashirwaad , their happiness cannot be complete .Teju looks happily at him when he says this .

    Archana and Balan are at the police station ,waiting to see Soham .The jailor tells Balan that Soham only wants to see Archana and not him .Archana is delighted and goes in . Balan cannot believe this , he is furious and wants to go to see Soham but the jailor stops him .

    Soham comes to see Archana …She tells him that for the last 6 months she is bringing him lunch in the hope that one day he will come back to her . He looks at the lunch , sits down quietly , opens the tiffin and starts eating quickly . Seeing her son eat the home made lunch, Archana starts crying …a lullaby is playing i nthe background .Archana remembers how she used to give baby Soham his milk bottle and play with him …She says that she can feel strongly now that one day her Soham will come back to her …

    Sunny comes to see Manav in his office .Manav is half an hour late and Sunny tells this to him .Manav apologises and Sunny says that a big man like him should not have to apologise to him …Manav wants to talk about Teju now . He tells Sunny that he is aware that Teju and him are in love and they want to get married , he wants to know what Sunny does for a living . Sunny tells Manav that he is self employed and helps his mother with her shop .Manav says that Teju was raised in Canada and he has given his daughter whatever she has ever wished for . He wants to know if Sunny can take care of Teju and give her all that she wants .
    SDunny says that he can , he says that Teju is a simple person who loves living in a chawl and finds happiness in simple things of life .
    Mana vsays that Tej uis young and maybe all this is new to her and she is excited about this way of life ( the Chawl living ) being in love maybe she is even more happy but as life goes on, people get more aware about responsibilities and then they start worrying about economic needs .
    He has a proposal for Sunny that Sunny should join his business. He says that if Sunny joins him then he will do better in terms of money and wil lbe able to take better care of Teju .
    Sunny wants to know why is Manav offering him a job …and if he says No ,will Manav also say No to his marriage with Teju .
    Manav says that life is not easy .
    Sunny says that he is aware that life is not easy and the living proof of that is Manav himself

    Sunny says that he is talking about a man who was from a lower middle class background , he was a mechanic and married a girl and both of them loved each other a lot and they made a home and a family on the strength of their love .
    That man never took money or help from his father in law so how can Manav expect Sunny to take help from him .
    Sunny says to Manav ( who is smiling now and looking very impressed with this young man ) that he loves helping his mother in her business and a big salary will not give him that satisfaction .Maybe his mother will be happy if he takes Manav’s offer but he does not wish to compromise on his family’s pride by taking Manav’s offer ..

    Manav is at home in his room .Archana comes in and she is very very happy that Soham refused to see Balan and instead met her ..She also tells him that Soham ate the lunch that she got for him and she feels that Soham is going to be their son once again .
    Manav is skeptical about anyone changing overnight like Soham did …
    Purvi also joins her mother to convince manav to believe that Soham is indeed a changed person now .She says that time changes everyone and just like she too has changed so much over the last 6 months , Soham to ohas changed his thinking about his family and may come back one day . She shares her optimism about Soham with Archana ..
    Manav is stil lnot convinced and says that Soham grew up with a man like Balan and for sure there is some hidden motive behind this sudden change in his behaviour

    There is a little get together at the Deshmukh house .DK compliments Archana on her cooking . Teju wants to play passing the parcel and whoever gets the cushion has to entertain the others …
    savita is al laxcited , Ovi is reluctant but Teju convinces her .
    DK is made the referee of the game while Sundri plays the music .
    The game starts .Savita is the first person to get the cushion .She entertains everyone by mimicking Damodar .She acts like Damodar when he is drink ..Everyone is very happy but Damodar is very annoyed …
    They all clap for Savita for her doing a perfect act about Damodar …

    Precap : Ovi is angry and she is packing her things in a suitcase .Archana wants to know why she is doing this and Ovi says that she cannot live in the same house as Purvi anymore …
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